Although E & P Building Design can work using Computer Aided Design, he prefers to produce his plans and drawings by the traditional method on the drawing board, as a lot of his work involves older traditional building including Cambridge Colleges and listed building where CAD drawing fails to provide ‘authentic’ detailing and ‘replicate’ the visual appearance of the building concerned. He continues to work at least 4 days each week, and besides producing individual designs for all types of residential and commercial buildings, also carries out the supervision of ‘contractors’ during the ‘construction phase’ to ensure compliance with both Planning Permissions and Building Regulations to Building Society and Mortgage requirements for new build. 
About us
Mr Harrison uses the services of an Structural Engineer who has been known to him for more than 25 years, and who carries out any structural surveys, as well as design work, when necessary. Mr Harrison offers a personal service to his clients and will always visit the site to provide initial advice free of charge. For further information and advice e-mail Mr Harrison at
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